Math on subscription – Mr. Cleverman

Math on subscription – Mr. Cleverman

Its time to invest in your kids as math will be more than important in the future. We have tested the math subscription in Denmark since 2018 and more than 5.000 teachers and 3.000 parents have downloaded Mr. Clevermans math worksheets. More than 1.500.000 worksheets!

In Denmark its mandatory for parents to read with their kids 20 minutes per day after school but thats not the case with math. Thats why we´re starting this revolution. Mr. Clevermans 20 Minutes Of Math!


– 1 downloadable PDF with >20 pages and enough for 20 minutes per day.
– New themes every month.
– Worksheets fits 6-9 years old.
– Access to extra free worksheets, posters and games.
– Access membership pages.
– Get the first downloadable PDF at sign up.
– No binding during the subscription period. Terminate subscription at any time.
– Member at the exclusive Mr. Clevermans Math Club.

– Mr. Clevermans BASIC Membership – only during trial period – see more here.
– Mr. Clevermans STAR Membership – all subscribers. Additional benefits + 10% discount on all additional orders.
– Mr. Clevermans VIP Membership – all subscribers >90 days subscription. Even more additional benefits + 25% discount on all additional orders.

FIRST PAYMENT WILL BE BASED ON THE PERIOD FROM ORDER DATE TO LAST DAY OF THE MONTH – THEREFORE FIRST PAYMENT IS NORMALLY LESS THAN THE REGULAR SUBSCRIPTION PLAN. Subscription will automatically withdraw from your creditcard every month (Last day of the month) until its terminated. No binding!

math subscription worksheet

If you want to see the danish version Hr. Klogemand then click here.