Math Music FREE worksheet book – Mr. Cleverman



Mr. Cleverman loves math and music and thats why he has made this nice FREE worksheet book. Download it for FREE and soon you´ll love math as much as Mr. Cleverman and his twinsister Karla.

Math is very important and will be even more in the future. In Denmark its mandatory for parents read 20 minutes a day with their kids. But its not mandatory to train math 20 minutes a day. Therefore Mr. Cleverman has started a revolution – to do fun math 20 minutes a day. After school, during weekends and holidays. Math is fun 24/7/365.

Mr. Cleverman has existed since 2018 in Denmark (As the danish cousin Hr. Klogemand) where more than 5.000 teachers and 3.000 parents have downloaded math material. More than 1.500.000 worksheets has been downloaded! Math has to be fun and look good. It doesn´t have to be ugly to be good.

Mr. Clevermans 20 minutes of math – Subscription

This is an example of the worksheets you get on a monthly subscription to Mr. Clevermans 20 minutes of math. Read more about Mr. Clevermans 20 minutes of math. And dont worry – this workbook is FREE so just download it! No subscription – pure freebie.

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