Free math app 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade mr. cleverman

Test the FREE Mr. Cleverman Math App – 1st to 3rd grade

We´re working night and day to get the FREE Mr. Cleverman Math App ready for Apple App Store and Google Play. The math app game can be “played” in 3 levels – 1st to 3rd grade – or multilevel. Level 1 is 1st grade and so on.

We still believe its important that kids all over the world should be able to do math functions with paper and pencil and have fun with math every day for minimum 20 minutes. Now you can add screen time on smartphone or tablet to the 20 minutes and still know that the kids can do math and play a game at the same time. There will be addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

We expect the app will be ready for launch in June but you can already now beta test the app (Really raw and unfinished version) in Apple Testflight. Click here to test the app in Apple Testflight. Its 100% FREE!!!!

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